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Photo Contest for Sycamore Canyon Residents

Photo Contest for Sycamore Canyon Residents - Posted February 1, 2016

Photo Contest 2.1.16

Please click on the above “Photo Contest 2.1.16” for info on a photo contest for Sycamore Canyon residents.

Please note that a photo submittal provides consent for the Sycamore Canyon Conservation Foundation to use such photograph(s) on the foundation website – – and also on the community website – – and related community social media forums.

Good luck!


Area Plants and Wildlife

Area Plants and Wildlife - Posted November 30, 2010


Sycamore Canyon Preserve is at the upper southeastern end of the Sonoran Desert, at approximately 2,240 to 3,720 feet. The land is in the foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains which is part of the Coronado National Forest.

The area is included in the Pima County Sonoran Desert Conservation program, a long-range plan that sets parameters for growth and protects the plants and animals that are indigenous to Pima County. The plan sets standards to maintain or improve the habitat conditions and ecosystem functions necessary for their survival. The Sycamore Canyon Preserve was designed to comply with this plan.