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PHOTO CONTEST WINNER!!! - Posted April 13, 2016

Congratulations to Krystle Schoonveld on the amazing photo she entered being selected the winner of the photo contest!

Photo by Krystle Schoonveld

Photo by Krystle Schoonveld

We very much appreciated how she captured such a unique and fantastic moment in Sycamore Canyon.

We also appreciate her permission to show this picture on this website Sycamore Canyon Conservation Foundation.

We hope to run more contests like this in the future and hope everyone keeps submitting photos.


Photo Contest for Sycamore Canyon Residents

Photo Contest for Sycamore Canyon Residents - Posted February 1, 2016

Photo Contest 2.1.16

Please click on the above “Photo Contest 2.1.16” for info on a photo contest for Sycamore Canyon residents.

Please note that a photo submittal provides consent for the Sycamore Canyon Conservation Foundation to use such photograph(s) on the foundation website – – and also on the community website – – and related community social media forums.

Good luck!


Are you unsure what Buffelgrass looks like?

Are you unsure what Buffelgrass looks like? - Posted November 16, 2015

Here is information provided by the Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center.


Thank you to a valuable member of the Buffelgrass Brigade

Thank you to a valuable member of the Buffelgrass Brigade - Posted July 21, 2015

Since 2009, the group known as the Buffelgrass Brigade, comprised of a core group of Sycamore Canyon resident volunteers, have spent an incredible amount of time and energy battling bufflegrass for the benefit of the community.

A core member who has been a important member over the past six years is stepping down…Charley Spies.

Charley preparing for battle

The responses from other core members helps explain what Charley’s “service” meant to the group:

“Charley was in the forefront with our effort since we started in 2009.  He was a regular member of the team during the early events when we were managing large stands of BIG plants in our washes. In addition,  Charley worked diligently in developing advertising for our events, and participated in team development of the mapping system to track our work in the field.  His sense of humor and collegial manner added greatly to the fun in our work – often against seemingly impossible odds.   He was a core member of the team and will be greatly missed.
Thank you Charley!  Lots of good memories.”  – Lia Lavallee
“Nobody worked harder than Charley.  Or made it as enjoyable. Thanks for everything you did!!!
Buffelgrass quakes in his presence!!!” – Mike Walser
“You are always one for an alternate view of things or an amusing anecdote, I will certainly miss working beside and with you.  I will be counting on you to “throw some advice” over the fence when you see us scouting, spraying, and pulling nearby. 🙂  The best wishes for you always” – Dave Knawa
On behalf of the Sycamore Canyon Conservation Foundation, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work Charley spent for the benefit of Sycamore Canyon.
Thank you Charley.