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Buffelgrass Brigade Annual Report – 2014

Buffelgrass Brigade Annual Report – 2014 - Posted January 26, 2015

Overview of 2014 Accomplishments:  This was a year we were very glad to have a long range plan that is being implemented.  During the calendar year of 2014, between 18-20 inches of rain fell in the foothills of the Santa Ritas within a 2 mile radius of Sycamore Canyon according to data from and personal records of Sycamore Canyon residents (see data below).  This resulted in explosive growth of grasses, with buffelgrass predominating in early emergence and proliferation.  Fortunately, we now have an experienced team of volunteers who scouted, identified infestations, and contacted the Sycamore Canyon Foundation president (Jamie Argueta), who gave permission to bring in our buffelgrass herbicide specialists repeatedly for spraying. We had the unsettling experience this summer of pulling an area, and one week later observing regrowth, which was pulled, and then grew again.   The frequency and duration of the rains was such that multiple regrowth events occurred.   Without a plan in place, the hard work of a group of dedicated volunteers, and the support and financial backing of the Foundation, our community would very likely be infested with buffelgrass at this point in time.

The plan for the Buffelgrass Brigade, from 2014 forward, is to scout trails and open spaces to identify new areas of buffelgrass infestation and to pull, spray the small sites.  Large infestations are being managed by Weed Tech LLC, an invasive species management herbicide team that has offered excellent value for their skilled services over the past 5 years.

Buffelgrass Control Event January 17th

Buffelgrass Control Event January 17th - Posted January 6, 2015

Sycamore Canyon Buffelgrass Brigade Announcement

Happy 2015 to all!    We ended the year with rain, and what a rainy year it was in Corona de Tucson!  Rain gauges within a two mile radius of Corona de Tucson recorded 15.16 to 19.08 inches for 2014!   So, Tucson may have had a dry year, but we sure did not!   In fact, we had a big summer/autumn for buffelgrass regrowth.   The Buffelgrass Brigade report will be available to document our work in 2014 by the time of the Annual Meeting.  In the meantime it is back to work!